We are currently running in the fascinating era of 21st century, where moving ahead with technology has been essentially required. Moreover, for working simultaneously with the upgraded technologies an adequate balance diet is essentially required starting from teens to adults. Thereby, when diets are in concern then milk is an inseparable food item. By looking on to demands of this current world XIPHIAS has come up with an integrated state of technologies called Dairy Automation System. With help of this software one can proactively make offline payments can transfer funds with a simple click by sitting on any place at any time. The payments can be actively done uninterruptedly without any fail. By keeping sole view of this scenario we developed this software whose one of the exquisite functionality is it simplifies and upgrades the monetary transactions for small and medium scale dairy product sectors.

Going ahead with flashing the knowledge about the technologies used is, we have smartly and additively made use of microfinance opportunities in underdeveloped and downtrodden regions for ensuring it's profitable improvement as well as prosperity. As microfinance organizations worldwide have demonstrated that individuals close to the margins of poverty are reliable and that endeavors to help with day by day smaller scale people to reserve and can get prone into significant measures of creating a beneficial cash glide for the microfinance institutions.

In a better regard India is calculated in second rank for producing milk worldwide. But one of the major troublesome that is faced by this industries are fluid funds transfer process and financing model which are infested by anti-social state of measures that scam funds from the system proactively making it a degrading industry. But with comprehensive expertise and classified technologies XIPHIAS Diary Automation System removes these anti-social entities as well as the scamming opportunities from the system and makes a clear and uninterrupted way for a fluid fund management system.

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